1986 “BEYOND PICASSO” – 3 Min. 15 Sec.

Schwartz reordered and combined angular contours, broken planes, and distorted proportions in her own pictorial structures to go beyond Picasso in this 3 Min. 15 Sec. film. Overture to Candide with permission by Leonard Bernstein.

1979 “RITUEL” – 30 Min.

Music performed by The New York Philharmonic Orchestra and conducted by Pierre Boulez. Schwartz manipulates by computer, in real-time the images of the Maestro to realize a unity between his music and the picture. Premiered at IRCAM in Paris. Presented International Video Art Festival, Portopia ’81 in Kobe, Japan.

1978 “POET OF HIS PEOPLE” – 13 Min.

A new documentary form that intermixes live action, still footage, computer images, dance and poetry to achieve an artistic and intellectual union. Neruda’s life unfolds and becomes the basis for the symbolic representation of his poem “Barcarola”. Invited to the Venice Biennale, 1981. Director’s and Writer’s awards Santa Fe Film Festival.

1978 “NEWTONIAN I” – 4 Min.


An illusion of 3 dimensions is achieved by a blending of mathematics and physics to carry the spectator through a new range of audio and visual dynamics. The illusion is further enhanced by moving objects through space such that they are covered and uncovered in encounters with other objects, an expert use of color and a unique musical score by Jean-Claude Risset. University of Marseilles, Opera House – Sidney Australia.

1978 “NEWTONIAN II” – 5 1/2 Min.


This film is strongly rooted in its underlying mathematical structure which forms the basis for the images. The music by Jean Claude Risset is integral to the creation of this concert of space and time. First World Animated Film Festival in Varna, Bulgaria (1979).