Selected Exhibitions and Major Collections

Albright-Knox Art Gallery Buffalo, NY (Graphics – computer)
American Film Institute, John F. Kennedy Center for The Performing Arts
* American Telephone & Telegraph Co. (Gollage; Graphics, Films-computer)
Atkins Museum of Art Kansas City (Graphics – computer)
Brooklyn Museum of Art (Sculpture)
* Bundespost Museum, Frankfurt, Germany
Cannes Film Festival France ( Films )
Carnegie Institute Pittsburgh, PA (Films – computer)
* Centre Georges Beauborg Paris, France ( Films; Graphics-computer)
* Cincinnati Art Museum Cincinnati, OH (Graphic – lithograph)
* Cinemateque Francais France (Films)
* Columbia University NY (Collage)
* Exxon Research & Engineering (Sculpture)
Galeria de Arte Nacional Venezuela (Film – computer)
Grand Palais Museum Paris, France (Graphics – computer)
Hirshhorn Museum & Sculpture Garden (Films – computer)
Indianapolis Museum of Art (Graphics – computer)
Institute of Contemporary Art London, England (Films -computer)
* International Business Machine Co. (Graphics – Film – computer)
* International Communication Agency Washington, DC (Films)
Joe and Emily Lowe Art Gallery Syracuse, NY (Graphics – computer)
* Los Angeles County Museum Los Angeles, CA (Graphics – computer)
* Lucent Technologies
* Moderna Museet Stockholm, Sweden (Sculpture-mixed media)
* Museum of Moderne Art, Paris
Montclair Museum of ArtfR Montclair, NJ (Oil)
National Academy, American Watercolor Society (Watercolor)
* Newark Museum, Newark NJ (Sculpture – plastic)
Palais des Beaux – Arts Brussels ’81 (Graphics – computer)
Rice Institute of Artx, Houston, TX (Sculpture)
* Royal College of Art London, England (Graphics – computer)
* San Francisco Film Archives (Films)
San Francisco County Museum of Art (Sculpture)
* Smithsonian Institute Washington, D.C. (Graphics – computer)
* Stedlijk Museum of Art Amsterdam, Holland (Graphics-computer)
The High Museum of Art Atlanta, GA (Sculpture; Films)
The Kennedy Center for Performing Arts, Washington, DC.
* The Museum of Modern Art NY (Graphic & Films-computer)
The Metropolitan Museum of Art NY (Films – computer (BACA))
The Paris Museum of Modern Art (Film & Graphics -computer)
* The Pablo Ruiz Picasso Foundation Malaga, Spain. (Video)
The Whitney Museum of American Art ( One-person & Group Film showings)
Trenton State Museum of Art NJ (Sculptures & Collage)
Tweed Museum of Art Minnesota, MN (Graphics – computer)
United States Pavilion, Expo Montreal, Canada (Film – computer)
Venice Biennale Sao Paulo, Brasil (Films – computer)
Wiesbaden Museum of Art Germany (Graphics -computer)
* Zimmerli Art Museum (Graphic – computer)