Selected Awards and Commissions

Selected Awards and Commisions

2016 Distinguished Artist Award for Lifetime Achievement in Digital Art by New Jersey Institute of Technology (NJIT) April, 2016.
2015 Distinguished Artist Award for Lifetime Achievement in Digital Art for her pioneering achievements in digital art, art analysis and the field of virtual reality. ACM SIGGRAPH August, 2015.
2012 The 8th Orphan Film Symposium will feature a session on the films produced by artists working at Bell Labs in the late 1960s and 1970s, with a screening of all the newly preserved 16mm films by Lillian Schwartz. Bill Brand, who himself was part of that experience will be on the panel, along with documentary filmmaker Nell Cox, who made films with Ricky Leacock for AT&T/Bell Labs, including Operator (1969) and French Lunch (1967). National Film Preservation Foundation + The Film Foundation. April 11-14, 2012.
2012 Three Schwartz films are part of the traveling series “Flaherty on the Road”: Pixillation, UFOs, and a documentary about Lillian Schwartz at work, The Artist and the Computer (1980) National Film Preservation Foundation + The Film Foundation. October, 2011 – May, 2012.
2011 Lillian Schwartz will introduce her films at Anthology Film Archives, part of “Sonic Truth: Films from the 2011 Flaherty Seminar,” emceed by Dan Streible. National Film Preservation Foundation + The Film Foundation. September, 2011.
2011 NY Women in Film & TV award a preservation grant for Schwartz’s Googolplex (1972). National Film Preservation Foundation + The Film Foundation. August, 2011.
2011 NFPF selects five Schwartz films for the Avant-Garde Masters grant. National Film Preservation Foundation + The Film Foundation. July, 2011.
2011 Lillian Schwartz joined Brand for a special program of her films at the 57th Robert Flaherty Film Seminar, held at Colgate University and programmed by Dan Streible. Her films had such an impact that, throughout the week, 150 seminarians treated Schwartz like a rock star, roaring with approval each time her work appeared on the screen. National Film Preservation Foundation + The Film Foundation. June, 2011.
2011 Brand introduced the premiere of UFOs at “Celebrating Orphan Films,” a two-day symposium co-presented by NYU Tisch / Cinema Studies and the UCLA Film and Television Archive. National Film Preservation Foundation + The Film Foundation. May, 2011.
2011 2011 AVANT-GARDE MASTERS GRANTS announced by National Film Preservation Foundation + The Film Foundation. The press released: “A generation before Toy Story, innovative artists were already making computer-generated films, but they’ve gone mediumly uncelebrated until now,” said Dan Streible, acting director of NYU Cinema Studies’ Moving Image Archiving and Preservation (MIAP) program. “Lillian Schwartz worked alongside AT&T research scientists to create new ways of generating geometric forms, colorful abstractions, and human figures in motion. Her films document the state of computer language in the early seventies, but they also remain delightful to see and hear as works of art. Thanks to this Avant-Garde Masters grant, NYU MIAP students and film preservation professor Bill Brand will work with Lillian Schwartz herself to save, screen, and study some of her earliest experiments, beginning with the 1970 film Pixillation, her first.” The others are Olympiad (1971), Enigma (1972), Mutations (1972), and Papillons (1973).
2000 Appointed committee member of the National Research Council (NRC) Committee on Information Technology and Creativity under the Computer Science and Telecommunications Board beginning May, 2000 and ending December, 2001.
1997 Winner of the 1996 CP Recognition Program-Design for Bell Labs Technical Journal WWW. Lucent Technologies, Bell Labs Innovations.
1996 The Art Historian’s Computer, Scientific American ’95 selected as one of the Notable Essays of the Year. “Best American Essays” Beacon Press.
1995 Re-Inventing the Emblem: Contemporary Artists Recreate a Renaissance Idea, Yale University Art Gallery. Jan. – Mar. 1995. Catalogue.
1993 Making The Right Connections, The Computerworld Smithsonian Awards Program. Lecture Hall, The S. Dillon Ripley Center at the Smithsonian Institution, Washington, D.C.
1992 Nominated ComputerWorld Smithsonian Awards in three Categories: Computerized Art; Virtual Reality; Media and Arts Entertainment.
1991 Creative Art Design Design Journal NO.36. Seoul, KOREA.
1990 Academia mundi scientiis et litteris dedita: verum eximium deque suis muneribus ad humanitatis progressum optime meritum TV, World Academy of Art and Sciences.
1988 Elected Fellow World Academy of Science and Art.Images Du Futur 88 Edite par La Cite des Arts et des Nouvelles Technologies de Montreal, Canada. Created Poster for Exhibition.Soggy ceremonies launch ’88 class – Lillian Feldman Schwartz receives doctoral hood during commencement, Star-Ledger. Received “Honorary Doctoral Degree in The Humanities.”
1985 Creativity-85 Art Directors Magazine Certificate of Distinction for The Museum of Modern Art PSA.Information Film Producers of America Cindy Award for The Museum of Modern Art PSA.27th Annual American Film Festival Award The Museum of Modern Art PSA.
Museum of Modern Art, NY. Commissioned Computer-Generated TV announcement for newly renovated MOMA (1984-5) received two Emmy nominations and awarded an Emmy.
Museum of Modern Art, NY.Computer-generated films by Schwartz in the film collection, including Pixillation and UFO’s.The 28th Annual New York Emmy Awards. “Outstanding Public Service Announcement” awarded to Lillian Schwartz, computer Artist and producer of Museum of Modern Art PSA.The New York Convention & Visitors Bureau Quarterly Calendar Designed for The Museum of Modern Art.

EMMYLS LSMooreSculpt
MOMA Poster
Commissioned lithograph poster for newly renovated MOMA (1984-5).
1982 NEA Grant Computer video art. 3 Degrees K. Music by E. Ghent.
1981 CARTHAGE. 1/2 hour documentary on the excavations of Carthage. Funded by The Corporation For Public Broadcasting and The Explorer’s Club.Computer Animation created at AT&T Bell Laboratories.Academici of Italy Con Medaglia D’oro Academiciens of Italy, Gold Medal.
1980 The Lathe of Heaven Special effects. Received Academy Award with Ed Emschwiller for Special Effects.TROIS VISAGE received award from Victor Company of Japan.
1979 L’OISEAU received award from Suspended Animation-And/Or.Corporation For Public Broadcasting Grant to Produce-Direct a one-hour special on CARTHAGE.
1978 POET OF HIS PEOPLE Pablo Neruda Director’s & Writer’s award.L’OISEAU Director’s & Purchase award at Sinking Creek Film Festival.New Jersey Artist of The Month Douglas College.Award-winning films, McCarter Theatre.NASA Goddard Space Flight CenterMaryland.Commission to produce computer-generated film for IBM Achievement Forum, Florida.THE ARTIST AND THE COMPUTER AT&T. Received Cine Golden Eagle.
1977 Independent American Filmmakers : Southern Circuit “Grant National Endowment For The Arts.”Award-Winning Films McCarter Theatre. ANIMATION AND EDUCATION Directed/fR Moderated for ICA. Commission.
1976 Award-Winning Films McCarter Theatre, Princeton, N.J.
1974 METAMORPHOSIS Sinking Creek Festival Award.Cannes Film Festival XXVIieme Festival International du Film, “MUTATIONS”.
1973 MUTATIONS, “National Academy of Television, Arts, & Sciences.”APOTHEOSIS, “Foothills Film Festival.”MUTATIONS, “CINE Golden Eagle”, Washington, D.C.”APOTHEOSIS, “Sinking Creek Film Celebration.”International Film Festival, Edinburgh. Award and group.
1972 ENIGMA awarded Special Award for Special Effects by National Academy of Television, Arts, & Sciences.ENIGMA received 1st in animation at Foothills.U.F.O.’s, “International ICOGRADA Jury Award.” Schwartz sponsored by AT&T. Oberhausen.U.F.O.’s received honorable mention award at Sinking Creek Film Festival.Museum of Modern Art, Film showing of award-winning films from Zagreb Film Festival. Group.ENIGMA award for excellence at Festival International du Cinema en 16 mm. de Montreal.ENIGMA and U.F.O.’S received awards 2nd Los Angeles International Film Exposition.ENIGMA award 5th Annual Monterey Independent Film Festival.PIXILLATION “Midwest Film Festival”.
1971 U.F.O.’s received 1st award at Ann Arbor Film Festival.PIXILLATION received CINE Golden Eagle Award.PIXILLATION selected by the Smithsonian Institute & The United States Department of Commerce, Travel Services for Man & His World at the Montreal Expo ’71. Award & Group.PIXILLATION Awarded Red Ribbon for Special Effects by the National Academy Television, Arts, & Sciences.PIXILLATION special award IFIP congress in Yugoslavia.International Film Festival, Germany. PIXILLATION selected by CINE to represent USA. Group and award.Montreal Film Festival.
1969 National Academy – American Watercolor Society., New York.