Selected Solo Exhibitions

Lillian F. Schwartz: Selected Solo Exhibitions
2012 An Evening with Lillian Schwartz, Modern Mondays, The Museum of Modern Art, New York, NY”Tomorrow evening, the Museum of Modern Art
is presenting a retrospective of work by legendary computer animator
Lillian Schwartz. The 85-year-old Schwartz will be present at the
screening to introduce her work:
New York–based artist Lillian Schwartz (b. 1927) became a pioneer of
computer-generated art in the late 1960s while a resident at Bell
Laboratories, where she continued working as an artist, filmmaker, and
art historian for over three decades. She was among the first American
artists to employ computer language to create motion-graphics-based
film and video art. Schwartz joins us to introduce a selection of her
technically complex, finely executed investigations into visual
perception. The program includes 2-D/3-D films from the 1970s to the
present, such as Pixillation (1970), UFOs (1971), Enigma (1973),
Olympiad (1973), and the newly released Before, Before (2012).”Films by Lillian Schwartz, National Film Board of Canada, Ars Nova Arts, Toronto, CanadaThe Films of Lillian Schwartz, Melwood Screening Room, Carnegie Mellon University, Pittsburgh, PA
2005 British Film Institute/National Film Theatre/South Bank “GOOGLEPLEX”
2004 Films at ZKM (Zentrum für Kunst und Medientechnologie) “Algorithmic Revolution”
2000 Lucent Sponsored showing of Videos by L.S. for opening of new Bell Labs in China.
1998 Technology: The Gateway to Visual Exploration Sponsored by the AENJ. September. Dialogs With The Machine Institute of Contemporary Arts, London, England. June. START DOT STAR Site Gallery, Sheffield, England, June 27 – August 8. Video and its Merits for Promoting and Interpreting Science. Colloquium Lucent Technologies Bell Labs Innovations. Murray Hill, NJ.
1996 DIGITAL CREATIONS, Arizona State Uiversity Computing Commons Gallery. Sponsored by ASU and AT&T Corp. The Humanization of Technology, Merrill Lynch Art Gallery held in conjunction with The Williams Gallery of Princeton. May – June.
1994 Art & the Computer -from the 60’s to the 90’s, Women of AT&T -Murray Hill, NJ June. Leonardo Meets Virtual Reality, “Featured Artist”, Cooper Union, New York. Films/Video/Graphics-Retrospective, Tel Aviv Museum of Art, Israel. “Computers as an Artistic Medium, “San Jose Convention Center”. Sponsored by Society for Processing Images Electronically. Pixellence, The New Medium, Pratt Institute, New York. Electronic Restoration of Great Works of Art: color analysis and computer-based reconstruction of Piero della Francesca’s frescoes. IS&T Symposium on Electronic Imaging: Science and technology at the San Jose convention Center. Leonardo Meets Virtual Reality, Art & Technology Speaker Series, Art & Science Collaborations, Inc. The Great Hall at The Cooper Union, NYC. September.
1993 Computers in The Arts: Film; Video; Graphics from the 60’s to the 90’s, “The Royal College of Art; Glasgow School of Art; Edinburgh University. Computer Graphics and Film/Video, “Franklin Institute”, Phil., Pa. Computers and Art, Northern Illinois University. DeKalb, Illinois. November. The Computer Artist’s Handbook Video/Lecture. Middlesex University; Hayward Gallery. London, England. Computers, Art, Color, CAUS (Color Association of the United State) Color 2000. Montauk, NY
1992 Lessons From Leonardo: Additions to hisTreatise. Films/ Video/ Graphics. “Vinci Museum”, sponsored by the World Academy of Art & Science, Vinci, Italy. Bits and Bites, The Computer Museum, Boston, Mass.
1991 Computer Art & Society, Southern Connecticut State University, New Haven, CT. Computer Art and Animation from ’68 to Present University of Princeton, Princeton, NJ.
1990 Lillian Schwartz’s Computer-Generated Edo Series, “Morris Museum”, Morristown, NJ. The Art of Piero: Variations and Appropriations by Lillian Schwartz, “Museo Civico”, sponsored by the Comitato Nazionale per il quinto centenario della morte di Piero della Francesca. Sansepolcro, Italy. Drawing and Transmitting Beethoven Electronically, “Deutsche Bundespost Museum”. First Interactive Performance using a pressure-sensitive electronic pen and an electronic writing and design tablet linked to AT&T computers between Murray Hill, NJ and the German postal system. The electronic image was printed out on a color laser printer and presented to Dr. CHristian Schwarz-Schilling, German PTT minister. Frankfurt, Germany, Sept. 27, 1990.
1989 Film Retrospective, Museum of The Moving Image”, London, England. Drawings and Video from a Three-Dimensional Model: Solving The Perspective of Leonardo’s Last Supper, “University of Rome”, Italy. Computers and Leonardo, “Da Vinci Days”, Corvallis, Oregon. Odd Thursdays, “Stanford University. Ca. Digital Visions: Computers and Art, “United States Information Agency sponsored window displays in Eastern European Cities”.
1988 The Last Supper in Virtual Reality, “AT&T Bell Labs”, Holmdel, NJ. The Staging of Leonardo’s LAST SUPPER, “University of Utrecht”. First International Symposium on Electronic Art, Utrecht, Holland. Appropriation Art, “Pixim 88”, L’Image Numerique a Paris, Oct. Leonardo’s LAST SUPPER, “University of Milan, School of Architecture”, Milan, Italy. UFO’s to Pablo Neruda, “Hanover Fair 88”, Hanover, Hamburg and Bremen, Germany. UFO’s to Pablo Neruda, “Hamburg Museum of Art”, Hamburg, Germany.
1987 The Two Mona Lisas, “MIT Distinquished Series Media Forum”. The Bartos Theater of the Wiesner Building, Boston, MA. The Two Mona Lisas: Images from Analysis and Video, “The Changing World of Imaging”. Rochester Institute of Technology”. Rochester, New York. Graphics and Video from Analyzing Leonardo’s Mona Lisa, “Muses de Palais du Louvre: Laboratoire des Recherche”. Paris, France. The Computer generated Beauty and the Beast, commissioned for Hitachi for subways around Japan.
1986 Computer Graphics and Computer-Controlled Sculpture, “The Hurlbutt Art Gallery”. Grenwich, Connecticut. Creating a New World of Art: Computer-generated films from 1968 to 1986, “University of Hawaii at Manoa”. Sponsored by The Department of Information and Computer Sciences Colloquium. Oahu, Hawaii. The Computer as a Medium in the Arts, “The Computer Museum”, Boston, Ma.
1985 Computer Art – A Personal Perspective/Retrospective, “Bell Communications”. Morristown, New Jersey. New Editing Techniques by Computer With Film, “Annecy Conference Center”. International Film Festival, Annecy, France. The Computer and Creativity, “American Philosophical Society”. Philadelphia, Pa.
1984 Film Retrospective, “Academy Little Theater”. Sponsored by the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences and the Academy Foundation. Beverly Hills, CA. Retrospective – Films, “John F. Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts”. American Film Institute, Washington, DC. The Computer And Art – Film, Video, Graphics, “Film Center for Soviet Film Specialists in Moscow and Leningrad”, sponsored by the United States Information Agency, Russia. Graphics Exhibition From “The Making of The Computer-Generated Poster For The Museum of Modern Art”, “IBM”, Armonk, New York. Computer Images and Color, “Minneapolis Conference Center”. Sponsored by American Computing Machinery/ Siggraph, Minneapolis, Minnesota. Arts and Media Technology Program, “Massachusetts Institute of Technology”. Boston, Mass.
1983 Art and Computer, “Shanghai Film Institute”. Sponsored by USIA, China/US Cultural Exchange. China. The Computer Images From the Analysis of Great Works of Art, “Avignon Monastery”. Sponsored by the International Computer Symposium, Avignon, France. Filmmaking by Computer, “USIA CULTURAL POST”. Athens, Greece. Leonardo’s Perspective Construction Solved, “First International Symposium on Electronic Art” The Netherlands. Utrecht. Following the Colors of Piero, “Museo de Civico”, Valtiberina, Sansepolcro, Italy. Computer Animation. “The Hellenic American Union”, Athens, Greece. Oct.
1982 Premier Showing of Carthage, “National Geographic Society – Explorers Hall”. Washington, D.C. Computer Films/Lillian Schwartz, “Lehigh University Art Galleries” Pennsylvania. Computer-generated Animation, “National Art Gallery”. Venezuellan Artists and Film specialists at the “US Embassy”. Sponsored by The National Film Institute of Venezuela and the USIA. Caracas, Venezuela. Leger Ledger.r r Computer-generated films for Spaceship Earth, “Disney World”. The History of Communications, Orlando, Florida.
1981 Lillian Schwartz Film Retrospective, “U.S. Embassy, Madrid, Spain”. Computers and Art, “The Boston Aquarium”. Sponsored by CAD/CAM Technology in Mechanical Engineering, M.I.T., Boston, Ma. Space-Probes, “Nexus Gallery & High Museum”. Atlanta, Ga.
1980 Image Processing “Cinematheque Francaise”, Paris, France. New Technology and Film, “The Brookings Institute”, Washington, D.C. Computers & Art, “Slade School of Art”, University College, London, England. Lillian Schwartz Films, “Imperial College of Art”, London, England. Film as Art, “Exxon”, Madison Ave., New York.
1979 Computer Grahics and Film, “Memphis State University”, Tennesee. Computer as a Tool in Filmmaking, “Colloque “L’Artiste et L’Ordinateur”, Centre Culturel Suedois, Paris, France. Computers & Animation, “United States Embassy”, London, England. Art and Computers, “Royal College of Art”, London, England.
1978 New Jersey Artist of The Month, “Douglas College”, New Brunswick, NJ. New Directions in Film as Art, “Rockefeller University”. Sponsored by Sigma XI, New York. Music & Art By Computer, “Zellerbach Theater” AAAS, Philadelphia, Pa. Graphics & Computers, “Centre Georges Pompidou”, Bibliotheque publique d’information – ethnographique Film Festival, Paris, France. The Computer in Filmmaking, “Centre Beauborg”, Paris, France.
1977 Independent American Filmmakers : Southern Circuit (NEA). Video – Film at the Vanguard, “Carnegie Institute” Pittsburgh, PA. Enhanced Computer Imagery, “NASA Goddard Space Flight Center”, Maryland.
1976 Lillian Schwartz Films, “The Museum of Modern Art”, Paris, France. Films at The Film Forum, New York City. Film Retrospective “U.S. Embassy”, Paris, France. Sponsored by the USIA. Focus on Change, Films. “New School for Social Research”, New York City. Schwartz Films,”RCA”, Princeton, N.J. Televisa, “Mexico City”. Sponsored by the USIA. Retrospective Films, & Juror “OTTAWA ’76”, Canada. Innovations of the 20th Century: Strindberg, Shuller, Bartok with Films by Lillian Schwartz, “New York Philharmonic Avery Fisher Hall”, conducted by David Gilbert. New York City. Images Based on Science. “Naval Post Graduate School,” Monterey Lillian Schwartz Filma, “IBM Systems Engineering Symposium”, Toronto, Canada.
1975 Schwartz Retrospective of Films, “The Hirshhorn Museum & Sculpture Garden”, Washington, D.C. Original Films: Original Scores, “Theatre d’ Assay”, Paris, France.
1974 Graphics & Film, “IBM Gallery”, Sydney, Australia. Computer Graphics & Film, “New York University”. Films by by Women, “Centre Culturel Americain”, Paris, France. Sponsored by the USIA. Films by Lillian Schwartz, “The International Computer Animation Festival.” Evergreen State College, Evergreen, Washington.
1973 Film Retrospective, ” Whitney Museum of American Art”, New York. Kitchen, “International Computer Arts Festival”, New York. Science Film Theater, “1973 National Computer Conference & Exposition” New York Coliseum. Opera House Exhibit, “Lewis House”. Sydney, Australia. Film Retrospective, “Newark State College”, Union, N.J. Film Retrospective, “University of Guelph”, Ontario, Canada.
1972 Computer Music and Film, “The Kitchen”, New York City. Computer-Generated Films. “Ontario Science Center”, Canada. Films By Lillian Schwartz, “United States Embassy”, London, England. Sponsored by The United States Information Agency. Salute to Lillian Schwartz, “USA International Animation Film Festival.” NY Hilton. Film Retrospective, “1st International Animation Film Festival”, New York. Films by Computer. “Franklin Institute”, Philadelphia, PA. Abstract Animation by Computer, “University of Toronto”. Canada. Computer Films in The Planetarium, “The Planetarium”. Reading, Pa
1971 Computer Films, AAAS, “Zellerbach Theater”, Philadelphia, Pa. Retrospective – Films, American Film Institute-June. John F. Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts, Washington, DC. 1971.
1970 Computer-Generated Films, “Dartmouth College”, Hanover, New Hampshire. June.
1968 Paintings; Graphics; Mixed-media, “Rabin & Krueger Gallery”, Newark, N.J. Paintings; Collages; Laminated Paintings on Light Boxes, Plastics Sculptures, “Columbia University” – Ferris Booth Hall, New York.


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