A number of telephones from the very first invention by Alexander Graham Bell to the present-day cellular and voice phones are morphed in an inventive choreographic video. Produced/Directed/Edited by Lillian Schwartz, Morphing by Juliet Martin. Music by Al Miller.


1986 “BEYOND PICASSO” – 3 Min. 15 Sec.

Schwartz reordered and combined angular contours, broken planes, and distorted proportions in her own pictorial structures to go beyond Picasso in this 3 Min. 15 Sec. film. Overture to Candide with permission by Leonard Bernstein.

1982 “3 Degree K #02″ – 04 Min 15 Sec.

1977 “VEIL OF YEARS” – 11 Min.

Slow disintegration and aging of artists head, revealing underlying bone structure. Created using old picture-phone technology. New music added 2013.

1977 “TROIS VISAGE” – 11 Min.

Music by Frank Lewin. Study of the mood changes between three heads with slow moving subtle differences. Two heads are made of wood. The third head is of the artist L.S. UNESCO sponsored exhibition in Paris in 1978. Award in international competition – Japan, 1980 . Sponsored by Victor Co., JVC, Burston-Marstellar agency.

1977 “NINO” – 5 Min.

Music by Albert E. Miller. Experimental work with dancer and musicians to combine and present an unusual choreography of performers and music as a unified force.

1977 “JUGGLER” – 2 1/2 Min.

Music by Albert E. Miller. Computer-controlled ability to store one frame in the computer and combine this frame with the incoming frames permits freeze frames of a juggler as well as synthesized images. The paths of a jugglers handling of balls through the air can be examined in slow motion. Shown at The Kitchen on Mercer Street.

1977 “ENSEMBLE” – #1 3 Min. #2 3 Min.

Music by Albert E. Miller. Combination of musicians and dancers in free form movements captured by computer-controlled-video which permits distortions and variations of the imagery. Continued experimentation with Rock Music and performers.

1977 “DANCER 2” – 10 Min.

The movements of a dancers body are recorded, studied, reshaped, to understand the anatomical ranges of joints. Music by Albert E. Miller.

1977 “MIME CONTROL” – 9 Min.

The artist uses the computer to accent and control a mime’s disciplined choreography. Studies in facial distortions with lens distortions. Channel 13, WNET.

1976 “ON-LINE” – 10 Min.

Music by Albert Miller. Musicians and dancer perform in real-time while Schwartz plays a computer-keyboard to create special effects on a computer-controlled video-visual communication system. 1st Rock Video. Channel 13, WNET.