Mood Changes


Slow disintegration and aging of artists head, revealing underlying bone structure. Created using old picture-phone technology.

2012 “Before Before” – 4 Min.

The first 3D digital animation created by Lillian Schwartz was screened December 10, 2012 at the Museum of Modern Art New York, NY.
Three-dimensional models were constructed in 2012 and texture-mapped with computer-generated images created by Lillian Schwartz in the 1980’s.
These images were choreographed and combined with computer-generated music by Jean-Claude Risset. The added dimension is added by the viewer wearing 3D Chromadepth Glasses. The title and images for “Before Before” represent Schwartz’s visualization of the universe before the Big Bang.


A number of telephones from the very first invention by Alexander Graham Bell to the present-day cellular and voice phones are morphed in an inventive choreographic video. Produced/Directed/Edited by Lillian Schwartz, Morphing by Juliet Martin. Music by Al Miller.

1994 “REFLECTIONS” – 4 Min.

A 4 minute film based on flowing changing images from liquid-like faces to flashing abstract imagery. Music by Jean-Claude Risset.